Amour, bonheur et paix : vœux des femmes lors de la Fête de Gangaur au Rajasthan, Inde © Marc Seiler 2010

To cherish peace …

1.35 billion people, or nearly 20% of the world’s population … Can not talk about India without mentioning its rugs of roses in Kannauj and tuberose or without quoting Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who has awakened his senses in the service of Peace when he was a young lawyer in South Africa. To cherish and defend peace at the sacrifice of one’s own comfort. What secret can India give us? Is it because his youth is as eager for high technology as for secular traditions? Is it because young, anonymous maharajas are still able to build palaces out of love? “The strength to bear the burden until the goal is reached,” says Gandhi. Peace would be easier to reach than the peaks of the Himalayas …

Living heritage linked to Peace, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO

Footpaths such as the World Heritage-listed Darjeeling Himalayan Railway * linking inaccessible villages, wildlife sanctuaries such as Manas, where war-like species such as the tiger or the unicorn rhino are not threatening but threatened … Note that some Albert Einstein will describe the one that gave birth to the International Day of Non-Violence ** proclaimed by the UN: “Future generations will find it hard to believe that a man of flesh and blood blood as he walked on the soil of this earth. ” It’s a safe bet that this Indian youth of the 21st century will do even better …


** https://whc.unesco.org/fr/list/944/

* http://www.un.org/fr/events/nonviolenceday/

http://www.marc-seiler.com ( photographe) 

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