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CANADA “Just take care of yourself” L’orangeraie, harry tremblay

Published on February 5, 2019

A shocking novel by the writer and Canadian theater man, about human fragility where when man loses his reason …

Children Soldiers, Children Martyrs, Children Wizards, all attributes are possible to remove the child who he really is: a young person born for Life. This novel which received the price called Prix des Libraires (Quebec) and the Folio Prize for Young High School Students (France) in 2017, has all the anti-violence ingredients inviting students, families, to think about it  and have some common sense: is it logical to send a child to kill and kill himself? To learn to use a weapon rather than promote peace? Against all forms of cruelty, this work is a hymn to Life and an urgent invitation to preserve it.

To read : l’Orangeraie, Folio 2017


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