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INDIA & WORLD Gandhi an uncommon hero ? 

Published on February 7, 2019

«  As I’m about to get engaged on perhaps the greatest battle of my life, I must drive out hate from my heart. »

Married at the age of 13, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a sickly shy student during his schooling. Very early he was able to make big choices as (letting down)/giving up hatred and joining hands with South Africa in 1893, at the threshold of his 24 years to practice his lawyer profession. This partnership made him discover the real conditions faced by black and Indian people of South Africa. This experience dramatically upsetted his (vision)/view as well as his engagement towards everyone’s freedom, throughout the pacifist way. Every year on his  birthday ( october 2nd). Unesco celebrates the values defended by the hero of Peace who becomed a worline reference.


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