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Organizers and partners

PEACE, the International Youth Contest in the Service of Peace organized by France Télévisions in partnership with UNESCO and the National Commissions and Delegations to UNESCO of the 8 participating countries, aims to educate and engage the youth to the great stakes of our world, to build peace with the weapons of creation. This first Pilote edition involves mainly the Associated Schools at UNESCO present on each national territory. She hopes in a second edition to extend it to other schools and other countries.


Public television group, France tv places the viewer at the heart of its concerns. With 6 channels each with a strong identity, and an overseas network, France tv offers its audience a rich, ambitious and unifying program that aims to inform, educate and animate the democratic debate, both at home and abroad. national level than local and international. Committed since 2011, the group’s strategic project is based on strong values: independence, universality, innovation and reliability of information; not to mention the promotion of diversity, to reflect today’s society. In addition, France tv continues to increase its support for audiovisual creation (fiction, documentaries, animations, live shows) and cinematography. Finally, since 2010 and the deployment of the joint venture, the group has built a truly global digital project, on all media, to offer the greatest number of quality content to the widest public. [ORGANIZER]

Its educational platform France tv Education, coordinator of the contest PEACE within France tv, produces and distributes diversified and innovative formats to revise the curriculum differently and understand the world around us: articles, files, videos, computer graphics, games Ludo-educational, web documentaries or interactive activities. Nearly 5000 content to discover for free on https://education.francetv.fr/ 


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s main motto is “to build peace in the minds of women and men”. Since its creation in 1945, UNESCO’s mission has been to contribute to peace-building, poverty reduction, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue, and education has always been considered one of the most important its main activities to achieve this goal. The Organization promotes a humanistic vision of quality education worldwide, the realization of the right of every individual to education, and the conviction that education plays a fundamental role in human, social and economic development “. UNESCO thus intends to put people at the heart of major global issues in its fields of action. Edition number 2 was prepared jointly with the UNESCO Media and Information Education teams [PARTNER]


Co-organizers and other partners


The French National Commission to UNESCO [CO-ORGANIZER]

With the support and participation in the general coordination (M.Pouchepadass) of the French Delegation to UNESCO

∙ https://unesco.delegfrance.org/-la-commission-

The French-speaking and German-speaking Belgian National Commission for UNESCO [CO-ORGANIZER]

With the support of the Permanent Delegation of the Kingdom of Belgium to UNESCO

∙ https://www.unesco.be/fr

Canadian National Commission for UNESCO [CO-ORGANIZER]

With the support of the Permanent Delegation of Canada to UNESCO

∙ https://fr.ccunesco.ca

The Permanent Delegation of Argentina to UNESCO




The National Commission of the Republic of Benin to UNESCO [CO-ORGANIZER]

With the support of the National Delegation of Benin to UNESCO

∙ https://fr.unesco.org/countries/benin

the Polish National Commission to UNESCO [CO-ORGANIZER]

With the support of the Polish Permanent Delegation to UNESCO

∙ http://www.unesco.pl

The Lebanese National Commission to UNESCO [CO-ORGANIZER]

With the support of the Permanent Delegation of Lebanon to UNESCO

∙ http://www.lncu.org

The Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO [CO-ORGANIZER]

With the support of the Permanent Delegation of India to UNESCO

∙ http://www.unesco.org/new/en/newdelhi